What is Source?

Or as some call this energy, God.

Or the Godhead, Zero Point, or whatever resonates with you.

What is Source | via StarseedDreaming.com


We all know the religious version of God. Generally there is a man in the sky looking out over us, rarely intervening unless it’s to punish you and make you wander 40 years in the desert for the sin of being human (or something about a false idol).

That was the version I learned about as a youngster, sitting uncomfortably for hours in our local church.

The message was clear, you already effed up by just existing, don’t make it worse by being disobedient.

Fly right or face the judgement of the almighty.

The thing was, that version NEVER resonated with me.

I was pretty young when I started asking the first sets of questions.

Mom, why is God so angry?

Why is the kingdom of Heaven only for a few, doesn’t he love all of us?

Why is there a son but no goddess?

My mom hated my thought process, to her it was a sure sign of my rebellious and sinful nature. Affirming my need for more bible study, more time with church elders, more chores to keep my mind from wandering.

Questions were discouraged and I was labeled early on as a trouble maker.

However my dad, who had no interest in religion and fancied himself an amateur historian enjoyed my questions.

We talked late into the night about God, the meaning of life, aliens, what happened to all the goddesses, and more.

He let me think and ponder, and in those moments I was allowed to connect with something beyond the man-made structure that would have me chained to fear and obedience. In those moments I was free.

In the last few years I have come to understand the true nature of reality and of Source.

As with everything I write, take what resonates and leave the rest.

There is no dogma here, I am free to believe and so are you.

What I write is taken from my own knowing, experiences, and those of others that my guides have brought me to.



I doubt any living being knows the true origin of Source (before its consciousness), to my knowledge that has never been written of in any modern esoteric circles.

While there are many theories, I’ll stick to what I feel confident about.

So we begin with Source’s first awareness of itself.

With no form, no body, no reference point Source became conscious.

This is mathematically represented as a circle.

From there followed the statement “I am“.

A declaration of oneself, the first vibration.

The response being, “Am I?”

The first query?

And in that moment of desire for self discovery, Source chose to know “all and everything“.

The single cell/circle divides as far as it can, into two.

The vesica piscis is formed.

And from there the directive, to know all continues that cellular division, into the seed of life.

Then into the flower of life.

Seed of life pattern

And from there infinite and limitless divisions all following a mathematical program that we call Sacred Geometry and can see within all life here on Earth.

Eventually matter is formed, stars, planets, galaxies, life forms, and eventually…you and I.

And most importantly, here is the understanding that we are created from this very fabric of Source.

We are also divine.

We are also creators.

We are all one.

And this is the most important concept of mysticism, Unity Consciousness.

The understanding that we are all connected, we are ultimately all one.

You see Source is the great conductor of the symphony of creation, but we as individual conscious beings have free will to make choices and direct our lives.

In order to experience all and everything, each being is given free to do just that.

Direct their own life, and in doing so send back that experience to Source.

I just want to stop here and make sure everyone understand the implications of this.

This concept gives us back our sovereignty.

This philosophy gives us back of divine power.

This frees our soul from the bondage of this world.

It means we are limitless and within each of us is infinite potential.

Do YOU see what YOU are?



However from this division came duality. The concept of opposites.

And of course of descension. The moving away from Source, for each separation/division naturally carries us further down the spiral.

This is not about “good or evil”, “right or wrong”. This is not about judgement, for that would be Source judging itself. It simply is.


And thus in this process we are able to experience these extremes, the things we term good and bad, light and dark, right and wrong. That is the nature of THIS world, steeped deep into the downward spiral.

And this leads us back to ascension, the return to Source, again, step-by-step. Just as we separated, so we are destined to return home. To remember ourselves.

And THIS is core of my, our, ascension work.

But this work cannot be faked. The energetic cannot be mimicked.

For you see energy cannot lie. It simply is. And so as we live our lives, make choices, act and react, we align with a vibration. A vibration that like the wind flows up and down.

Flowing up and grazing our divinity like eagles riding clouds, and dipping down into the mud, getting dirty and rich with experience.

In another post I will discuss this concept of ascension, but for now simply sit with the idea, that YOU beautiful one, no matter how far your spiral has dipped down, are still in your very core a divine and sovereign being of pure light.

Much love beautiful souls!