What is a starseed?

You may have heard the term starseed tossed around in new age circles.

You might even be thinking that you are a starseed.

Today we cut past the fluff and ego to get to heart of one of the highest callings for beings here on Earth.

What is a starseed | via StarseedDreaming.com

The first thing to understand is that depending on your view point there are two definitions of starseed.

Both are true. Both are relevant.

What is a starseed?


The first definition of starseed is that of someone whose soul comes from off planet.

Meaning that they first incarnated not here on Earth, but somewhere else, another planet, belonging to another star system.

In this perspective EVERYONE is a starseed.

This is because Earth is a fairly young planet, and because Earth is known as a “third density” planet.

You may have heard the term “3d” or “third density” in esoteric circles, this is what they are referring to.

“Third density” is a vibrational state, and it is considered very “dense”. Dense meaning in terms of duality and of separation.

The separation we speak of is that of Source (or God as some call it).

When Source first became conscious it wished to know itself, to experience all and everything. In this moment Source divided into two. This is represented mathematically by the vesica pisces.

From there Source continued its divisions, mathematically creating the seed of life, then the flower of life, and ever expanding into separation.

All that is and ever will be are derived from this single Source.

Source gave these individual incarnations (souls or energy bodies as we call them) free will. For only with free will could Source TRULY know all and everything.

And so the “descension” (away from Source) continued. Creating all that we know, all the cosmos, all the planets, all the people here and now.

These densities move from the higher numbers 12d to the lower (as in 3d). With Source being at the highest number and the most separation being at the smaller numbers.

Note: There is some debate among mystics as to how many dimensions (and densities) there truly are. I subscribe to the 12 densities and unlimited dimensions concept.

Back to starseeds.

So in order to incarnate on a lower vibratory planet such as our beautiful earth we have to progress down the spiral. There is no jumping ahead (except for the most advanced of beings–best left for another post).

As an aside, lower vibration (as in 3d) does NOT mean inferior.

There is no judgment here. No “good or bad”. There simply is. And this is the order of the descension away from Source in order to fulfill the unlimited possibility of “all and everything”.

So you see in order for souls to arrive on Earth they must have traveled through the spiral, meaning that we ALL began our journey outside of this precious blue planet we call home.

In this way we are ALL starseeds.



That said, there are souls who chose to incarnate on earth at this time for the purpose of assisting humans and the Earth herself into the ascension, back to 4th density (5 dimension) and upward.

These souls took great risk in incarnating on Earth as it meant being caught in the “forgetting” and potentially losing sight of their mission and also becoming enmeshed into the karmic cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

This system of forgetting and reincarnation is also part of what mystics call the “false matrix” of reality (versus the natural organic Matrix), but this too is best left for another post.

So these starseed souls who were of higher vibration and “service to others” polarization (meaning in service to others versus oneself) began to incarnate on Earth.

This steady stream of starseeds have incarnated for millennia here on this planet, and most recently in ever greater numbers.

And in this definition, ALL souls are absolutely extraordinary, but only some have chosen to come here as starseeds on a mission to help humanity in its ascension.

Personally, this is the definition I use when I refer to starseeds, but again each perspective is valid.


It’s very important to point out that the term “starseed” has really been hijacked for service to self people and ego driven individuals.

People are using the term to mean “better than” or “more important”. It’s used as a hierarchical term to separate and create division, the VERY THING starseeds came here to dissolve. Oh the irony.

There is no judgement here, simply the observation that this use is NOT aligned with highest good of all.

I see many YouTube videos and blog posts talking about being a starseed as a clear indication of spiritual superiority. It is not.

Remember that ultimately we are all one.

No matter how far we descend away from Source we ALL carry that spark of divinity.

As my own guides put it, “you are special, and so is everyone else”.

So I caution everyone reading this to look inward, to really do the work, to evolve beyond these lower vibrations and reconnect with the sovereignty that embraces us all.

The starseed journey is not one of gold and glory (not that those can’t be aligned with one’s Starseeded path) but rather it is the sacred warrior’s journey of bringing light to a world on the brink of graduation to the next level.

It is the journey of the deepest love and compassion for all.

It is the journey of service to others.

The moment you step back into runaway ego, subjucation, and savior complex you’ve stepped AWAY from your starseed path and into more duality, the very thing YOU came here to dissolve.



Do you feel a DEEP calling to be of service?

Are you naturally drawn to mysticism and esoterica?

Do you feel connected to a galactic home?

Do you have dreams or memories of cosmic origin?

Do you feel drawn to the terms “starseed” “lightworker” and so on?

If you answered yes to any of these you might have come here on a starseed mission.

Remember that you have free will and you can choose to live your life in any way you choose. But if you do identify as a starseed please remember this is a path of service.

The starseed path asks you to face your own darkness, transmute your own pain, and evolve to hold love and compassion for all life. It’s not about being perfect or holy, those are silly notions of the inexperienced, it does ask you to do the work and evolve to your highest potential…and then help others do the same. Always without judgment, without prejudice, and without toxic ego.

Starseeds do not need to use the tools of ego to feel better than anyone, for we already understand we are ALL divine, and false superiority is simply separation. Starseeds understand nothing is separate, all are connected.

But no matter how you identify know that YOU MATTER.

You are divine, and your journey is sacred.


Much love beautiful souls!