In the last post I talked about what a starseed is, in this post I want to touch on the term lightworker.

So what is a lightworker?

You may have heard the term floating around new age community along with phrases like “love and light”.

Truthfully the term is used rather broadly in my opinion, and unfortunately, just like the term “starseed” is also used to boost ego and create a sense of superiority over others.

Using spiritual labels to feel more important than others is the antithesis to the true meaning of these terms, and exactly the opposite of the core of light work.

So what is a lightworker?

As with everything I write, these are my own perspectives based on my knowing and guidance from my own guides. Please take what resonates and leave the rest.


In this post where I wrote about Source I discussed the concept of separation from Source and the duality of this reality.

Moving away from the original blueprint of Source’s infinite love/light is known as descension, and moving back up the spiral, back toward love/light is ascension.

So a “lightworker” is simply a person who has committed to the path of bringing “light” toward all and everything.

In this case “light” is an energetic of high vibration. A tangible way for us to connect with the infinite potential of our highest selves and Source itself.

It’s basically a commitment to be in service to others, and a willingness to do the necessary work to live (as much as you can) from your heart center, from compassion, and from your divine self perspective.



That said, it’s important to note that being a lightworker is NOT about perfection.

It’s not about being some guru who meditates 4 hours a day, does yoga, and only drinks chai latte’s.

It’s also not about fluffy bunny Instagram worthy lifestyle.

You don’t need crystals or oracle decks or any other new agey symbol of “enlightenment” (although I often do make use of both my light isn’t dependent on them).

Lightwork comes from the depth of your soul.

You can be anyone, in any occupation, in any circumstance and still be a lightworker.

In fact the true path of a lightworker is raw, and often ugly and messy.

It’s transmuting our aches and pains.

It’s about confronting the darkness within us all and transmuting that into light.

It’s about seeing the divinity in EVERY person, not just those it’s easy to like.



Lightwork is choosing to be in service to others as much as possible.

Again this also doesn’t imply being some spiritual doormat.

Boundaries are key and absolutely necessary. Sometimes the most evolved thing you can do is say no and close a door.

But it IS about releasing judgment of others as much as possible. You see, you can observe and yet not judge. You can draw conclusions, set firm boundaries, even banish another from your energy, and yet still hold the vibration of love and light for their soul.

We hold unconditional love because we understand unity consciousness, we understand that ultimately we are all connected.

So for example while we may observe that a particular soul has chosen a service to self/dark path, and we hold sacred boundaries to prevent that energy from interacting with ours, and even condemning the actions of that soul…we ALWAYS hold space for that soul’s divinity.

We ultimately understand that even the darkest among us are cut from the cloth of Source, they are our brethren, exercising their free will to do thing we may condemn, but it is their path to choose.

That is light work.

Ultimately if we cannot hold the torch for the darkest among us, how can they find their way home.


You might be thinking that this all sounds very impractical, after all how does one “hold space” or “hold light for another” in between picking up the kids, paying bills, business meetings and the like.

That is actually the beauty of light work.

Every single soul you encounter is an opportunity to show kindness.

A smile, a helpful hand, a shoulder to lean on, these are all moments that touch another’s soul.

They may not consciously understand it, and on some level you may not either, but compassion is an energetic vibration. It is the vibration of love and kindness, and in these moments we are spreading light.

When you commit to the path opportunities for compassion and kindness begin presenting themselves. You’ll begin to find yourself encountering people who need what you have to offer, be it a hug, a smile, a kind word, an opportunity, or something else.

It’s the cashier who offers you a sincere smile.

The teacher who hears the child under the tears.

The boss who helps a working mom balance her job and family without any additional shame.

The parent who holds their child in their arms after a long day.

It’s the path of kindness and love as best as you can express it.

Lightwork is living in a conscious way within the mess of reality. It is understanding the every choice is an opportunity to express your own light, and in helping others you too become more light filled.

The lightworkers of this planet are the midwives of ascension.

I have committed to this path, I can tell you it is not easy, but it is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever had the privileged of doing.

Much love beautiful souls!