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As a lifelong clairvoyant I have been gifted the path of consciously connecting with high vibrational spirits and energy all my life. I consider this work a great honor and perform these services with an open heart full of humility and absent ego and judgment. 

Perhaps most importantly (and a step many energy workers miss) I take great care to spiritually cleanse before (and after) this work and connect with ONLY the highest vibrational guides for your "best and highest good". I take care to close energetic portals and only channel beings of the highest order. Many practitioners will say this but have no clue how to actually ensure this happens. And the common spiritual practices that actually invite these unfriendly entities in. Shielding and clearing is absolutely essential in energy work and you can be sure my attention to this detail is incomparable. In fact much of my work involves clearing problems with what other practitioners, well meaning teachers, and energy workers have caused.

I take my soul mission to support the collective very seriously. My approach is gentle, full of love, and professional. The work is often described by clients as very powerful, life changing, and unlike any other. Words of gratitude I humbly receive with a full heart.

My energy work is also very multidimensional and most find it unlike any other. We don't just work in this time, but send energies through your past, your parallel selves, and your future.  Please know all work is done as distance readings or distance healings. Physical distance is not a problem, remember that we are multi-dimensional beings and spirit knows no boundaries. 

If you are guided to work with me you may book your chosen service below or contact me using the Contact Form below. It's an honor to serve in this capacity, much love beautiful soul.


Why work with me?

Clear & Shield before and after your session

Something often missed by practitioners is energy clearing and shielding before and after a client session. If you follow my work, you know I discuss this a LOT.

It's CRUCIAL that your energy worker, psychic, healer, etc. ALWAYS clear and shield before your session.


What happens of they don't? Well just ask the many clients I've had to clear from low-quality energy work performed by other practitioners. I have (sadly) received an abundance of horror stories from people who have put their trust in practitioners who simply don't understand the importance of clearing, shielding, and doing the soul work needed to be a powerful vessel of light.

powerful energy clearing

Energy clearing is my wheelhouse. Not only do I use a powerful method given to me by my guides to clear even the most terrible of entities, I am able to clairvoyantly perceive who, what, and where these attachments are located and give you important insights into keeping them away from your for the long term. 

Energy clearing is no joke and it takes a practitioner with impeccable boundaries, higher perspective, and extensive experience to clear stubborn and harmful entities. This is key to having a smooth clearing experience.

Whomever you work with, please make sure they are capable of doing the needed work, otherwise you may have more trouble than when you started.

an incomparable modality

The modality that I use to clear and perform energy work is incomparable to any other method of energy work. It has been a great honor to have received this information directly from my ethereal Guides and share it with the collective. I call this modality Quantum Source-Light Energy Healing and it is the most powerful modality I have experienced. It takes us beyond this reality, into the depths of multidimensional reality and uses the original light frequencies and geometry of Source (God) to bring healing, balance, and alignment to receivers.

-> Click here to read more about QSLEH.

I call upon and work alongside your ethereal team of light (your Guides) and these benevolent guides are able to direct powerful healing in away others modalities simply cannot. 

Finally, I channel this energy through time/space, running healing frequencies back in time and forward in time. Creating a multi-spectrum experience that can have lasting and life-changing effects.


While it's true that ALL of us are capable of extradimensional gifts, many (unfortunately) have not yet been able to awaken those innate gifts yet (though I do teach others how to awaken those gifts because we are all capable).

To that end I must share that part of my soul mission is to assist the collective and that meant being born psychic.

I have never NOT had psychic sight. It is engrained as part of my human experience and it allows me to dive deeper in my energy sessions, healing, and readings. This means an even more powerful experience for you.

Choose Your Service!

  • 5-in-1 Premium Package

  • Channeled Messages from Your Guides

  • Energy Clearing & Healing

  • Ascension & Soul Coaching

My most in depth offering: 5-in-1

This is an in-depth 5-in-1 package for those ready for the next level! Here's what you'll receive with this transformative offering:

  1. Extensive Distance Energy Clearing
  2. Extensive Distance Energy Healing/Overlighting
  3. A full reading from your guides for your ascension journey (see below for what may come through)
  4. A follow-up 60-90 minute soul coaching/mentorship session by phone
  5. EXCLUSIVE OFFERING: Uncover your soul gifts reading! (Not available elsewhere)



The modality I use to clear is from direct revelation from humanity's collective guides, and it is powerful! I call it Quantum Source-Light Energy Healing.

In this session after ample preparation, I gently guide your energy body into the multidimensional plane outside of space-time (don't worry your physical body remains perfectly normal). I then carefully call in Source (God) and your divine guides. I witness as they appear (always magnificent) and begin bringing your energy body in for clearing and healing.

I hold space as these beings will infuse you with light, remove unwanted codes, and realign your energy body. Each session is unique as the guides know what is needed for each soul.

I then direct the healing through your past and future and often into parallel selves. This multidimensional aspect is what sets this work apart from so many others. We work in the space beyond time. This allows deep clearing and can often help lift old unwanted patterns, beliefs, wounds, and blueprints (of course always aligned with your free-will journey and personal choices after the session). This energy work is an excellent place to begin your journey! You can read more about my QSLEH method here.


I then turn my attention to receiving messages from your highest Guides. Most people have several guides that come through with a variety of messages for the person. It is not uncommon to connect with spirit animals, star family, and high-dimensional beings.

In these sessions clients have been told about past lives, soul missions, dormant gifts, and more. They bring through that which is aligned for your highest good in this now moment. We usually receive guidance and messages from about 3-5 guides. See "Channeled Messages From Your Guides" offering in the next tab for more on this (that offering is included in this 5-in-1).


In this exciting bonus, not available elsewhere, in this mini-reading I will attune to your soul's specific gifts and callings. 

We will unwrap:

  • The energy frequency most aligned with your soul (ex. Diamond Light, Violet Light, etc.)
  • The psychic gifts that you are calling to awaken (ex. clairvoyance, clairaudience, and so on.)
  • The modality and area of focus that is calling your soul (ex. healing, gridwork, anchoring light, animal connection, the plant kingdom, crystal work, and so on.)
  • Any other gifts that wish to be known in this incarnation.


Our call is a sacred container for us to discuss things that are meaningful to your soul and ascension journey in a single 60-90 minute session.

Common questions/concerns for our call include, ascension symptoms, trauma healing, forgiveness work, understanding emerging clairvoyance, ET experiences, connecting with your guides, clearing your field, tips, tools, spiritual tutoring, expanding your abilities, and resources for your journey. 

*NOTE: The time you book is the time we will have our follow-up phone call. All times are listed in your time zone unless you are using a VPN. I'm on PST in Los Angeles. I will reach out to you once you book to arrange a time for the energy clearing and energy healing/overlighting session. The energy work portion is usually within a week of our phone call. 


  • An extensive distance high vibrational energy clearing & energy overlighting (energy healing) where I clear your energy fields of any unfriendly/negative attachments and "refresh" your energy.
  • An in-depth reading from your guides with messages and relevant information at this moment on your journey. You'll know exactly who supports you in this now moment. This premium offering allows me to take more time to connect and receive on your behalf.
  • follow-up keepsake PDF report emailed to you detailing the session including any helpful notes.
  • A 60-90 minute follow-up coaching phone call so we can discuss what came through and any relevant concerns/questions you may have about your soul journey.
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS OFFERING: Uncover Your Soul Gifts Mini-Reading!

$400 (Save $76)

*All prices are in USD.

Kind words from past clients


Ixchelle is so gifted and incredibly talented at what she does. I've received a multidimensional healing session/reading as well as several, beautiful pieces of jewelry/mini-readings for my daughter and myself. Ixchelle immediately made me feel at ease and her insights resonated so deeply. The timing was perfectly in tune with events that were happening in my life and amplified my own healing by allowing me to go deeper and access parts of myself I wasn't even consciously aware of. I love her communication style and how clearly I can envision the guides that come through. Her warmth and skill make every interaction a treat. If you're at all curious about booking a session with her I'd highly recommend it!"

Jessica M. 


In the summer of 2020, I reached out to Ixchelle about a question I had regarding one of her posts. She suggested a One-On-One Soul Chat so that we could really dig into the topic, and I agreed. Truly, my life has not and will not ever be the same since that first fateful chat. Ixchelle very gently guided me down a rabbit hole of truth, opening my eyes to the deeper realities of this world. She patiently reassured me and answered my endless questions. She was available for my follow up questions after the session, and she offered valuable advice that was so helpful. Our second session was a beautiful extension of what we had explored previously. I am so very grateful for Ixchelle, her services, and the invaluable time we’ve spent together. She is kind, caring, quick to respond, reliable, and seems to be an endless well of compassion, knowledge, and patience. If you have an opportunity to work with this this teacher from the stars, please don’t hesitate to do so! I promise you will be glad that you did. Thank you, my dear Ixchelle!

Elisabeth C.


Ixchelle is a beautiful soul and has a lovely warm presence. I could feel the energy of her words shifting and transforming my energy. She brought clarity to something I had been struggling with for awhile. How to clearly ask the universe for what I want, the key is to feel like it's already done! I would totally recommend Ixchelle. Thank you so much for our session.

Laura B. 


I have loved working with Ixchelle. I have felt such peace after a session with her. The guidance and healing that she brings through is amazing. She has such a loving and peaceful energy that makes you feel at ease. Her guidance from her team and mine has been spot on and has helped me immensely. She empowers me to be more of who I really am and to access my guidance. I couldn’t recommend Ixchelle more highly and look forward to working with her in the future.

Carol H.


This is amazing! You have such a beautiful gift. Thank you so much for holding space, healing and bringing forth such wonderful messages. I have to read this many times, as I am sure I will receive something different every time. It’s so good to know we are not alone during this intense time on earth.

Kristyn L.

My session with Ixchelle happened on 11:11 at 11AM, Sydney time. For Real. I don't do readings, this i the second one I had because I shift and jump so much and because as an extrasensory and energy worker myself I have my own connection established. But something told me to do it. And it was well worth it. I loved our session. It was very profound, it was connected and you know that feeling of have we met before? :) It fully resonated, touched my heart, it opened new pathways and confirmed some things I already knew. She is an amazing clairvoyant, great energy worker, she's offering the highest quality of service and I recommend her to everyone seeking clarity, guidance, connection, and more. And an amazing fun person on top of that. I'll be back for more. Thank you Ixchelle. 

Petra R.

"For well over a year, I’d been looking for an energy worker / healer who’d be high-vibrational and capable enough to help with what I was dealing with at the time when I connected with Ixchelle. I really resonated with her loving, grounded, gentle energy and her integrity in her work. Reading that she pays particular attention to energetic shielding and protection, not only before and during, but also after each of her sessions, for both her and the client, I knew I wanted to work with her.

Initially, it was difficult to discern the exact effects of the (apparently quite extensive) work Ixchelle did in the energy clearing and healing session, as it coincided with some powerful collective energies. It took some time for its impact to integrate and become evident in my life, but when a few days later my energy levels and wellbeing shifted very dramatically for the better, I had no doubt that her work was instrumental in that. Ixchelle also cleared the energy of my home, and the apartment has felt lighter & more pleasant to live in since.

The messages and guides that came through in the session felt personal, potent and on-point, not only at the time but also months afterwards. Her work keeps on giving long after it was performed! From the sweet welcome note after I’d booked through to the follow-up after the session, communicating with Ixchelle has been easy and enjoyable. Her attention, presence and availability for further questions makes you feel really seen and heard, welcome, safe, and appreciated. She takes such great care of her clients that I certainly want to work with her again."

Katri M.

More kind words from fellow energy workers

Upon my first connection with Ixchelle, I could feel immediately that she is a gifted soul. She has a wonderfully balanced and grounded energy that is founded in her ability to share knowledge, hold space, and explore with someone the depths of her experience in a loving, gentle but powerful manner.

A humble teacher, Ixchelle is compassionate and understanding of all walks of life and this is what makes her warm, open, and relatable. As a channel, she is incredibly talented and it is clear that her service in this world is to share what she learns so strongly from her spiritual experiences as well as her human experience - a very down to earth person, but a powerhouse of a soul.

I have been lucky enough to work with Ixchelle for over a year now and we have always been 'in tune', which I feel is a testament to how strongly she connects to people no matter where they are at on their journey.

Ixchelle is an extraordinary psychic and spiritual teacher! I've rarely seen anyone with such profound hands-on experience, understanding and clairvoyance of multidimensionality, quantum reality, and galactic knowledge.

She's familiar with every shade of energy, from the lightest to the darkest, and navigates all realms with ease! She has elevated my perception and knowledge of creation and the nature of energy like no other.

Not only that, but she's an incredibly warm and kind-hearted person with the most compassionate listening skills.

She sees your blind spots and brings you back to alignment with the most loving yet takes-no-BS approach. Her crystal creations are very high vibration, and anything she creates is a no-brainer for me: I want more!

Julie H.

All we can be in this life is authentic and walk in our truth, and Ixchelle does just that. And she does it in a gentle but firm, loving, nurturing way. To know her is to love her because she comes from such a place of love it lifts you up and aligns something within your heart.

She holds space for the soul's growth through her words, like medicine for the heart she seeks the truth out, she' researches and doesn't stop asking questions, and at the same time helps you find your voice to ask your questions.

Shes is a shining light and we are all lucky to know her,

She is many things to me, a friend, a teacher, and a gifted healer. She helps you align with your soul's truth, by offering you the resources and information to do so.

Thank you infinitely for all you do Ixchelle.

Katie-Jane Wright  

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