Have you heard the term “service to others” in new agey circles? Or maybe you’ve heard people talk about “service to self”.

Today I’ll demystify what service to self and service to others means, and their role in our reality and ascension.

Service to others versus service to self | via StarseedDreaming.com

So far I’ve talked about what is a starseed, what is a lightworker, and what is Source. Now that you understand those basics the concept of “service to others” is simply an energetic orientation.


So in general all beings are in an energetic vibration that aligns with either service to themselves or others.

Here in this reality we might use terms life selfish versus selfless, or self-serving versus altruistic.

Even these descriptions are not completely accurate. A person may be in “service to themselves” and still do nice things for others. In the same way a “service to others” polarized person may also act in a selfish, self-serving way at the expense of another.

Humans and other beings are not pristine mechanical creatures. We rise and fall like the tide, and that is part of the journey.

However, these terms identify the dominant energetic polarization of an individual.

In other words, a person is mostly “service to others” polarized.



At the same time service to others does NOT mean being a spiritual doormat. You are not expected to tolerate mistreatment, abuse, or look the other way at injustice.

Remember that boundaries are critical and important to maintaining a clear and focused path.

In fact standing up for yourself and others is a clear indication of your divine sovereignty.

That said, the way in which you create boundaries is key. Spewing hate, tormenting another, casting curses, or otherwise joining in the muck of lower vibrational energy is NOT aligned with the highest path. This only serves to lower your vibration.

Healthy boundaries are exercised firmly, cleanly, with clear intent to protect your energy and life from those who would harm or disrupt you.

It’s key to observe that someone is not aligned with your best and highest good but simultaneously refraining from excessive judgement, long lived hate, and otherwise joining in their misery.

The point is to keep moving forward on your path and exercising your sovereign right to detach from those who would infringe on your free will, joy, and purpose.

Yet just as I mentioned in the What is a Lightworker post, it’s important to recognize that even people who are deep in the muck still are divine beings created from Source.

As lightworkers we separate from them energetically (and sometimes physically) but hold space for their eventual return to a higher light vibration.

Most service to others polarized individuals would align with the “lightworker”  blueprint, and many are starseeds themselves.

Even so there are many service to others polarized people who have no clue about mysticism, esoterica, or anything discussed in these pages.

Many of these individuals are just regular folk, living ordinary lives without any hint of conscious higher knowledge, yet somewhere in their heart they have flipped the switch on.

They are the compassionate ones, the good caretakers, the kind mothers and fathers, the loyal friends you can count on, the friendly neighbor, these people are everywhere and they needn’t know a single thing about mysticism to exercise their love and compassion.


One thing to understand is that the powers that seek to control this world and all in it are service to self polarized. They seek to serve their own needs with no recognition of anyone’s sovereignty or divine right to live freely.

In fact these darker energies want you to believe you are powerless, your sovereignty is THE antidote to the false reality placed in front of you.

The “eat, sleep, work, pay bills until you die” blueprint is created precisely to mask your own innate divinity. By simply recognizing this you wake from the “spell” and free yourself from these shackles. But more on that another time.

Again, all you need to understand is that love and compassion ARE the keys to evolution, to transcendence, to ascension.

So there you have it, my personal perspective on the often referenced concept of “service to others”.

As always I hope it was helpful.

Much love beautiful souls!