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Quantum Source-Light Energy Healing 

12-week Live 

Practitioner Certification Course

learn to wield the original light frequencies of Source!

wow, it was amazing!

Carol H | Quantum Source Light Energy Healer Student

I completed the Quantum Source-Light Healing Course with Ixchelle. Wow, it was amazing! I learnt so much, not just about healing, but colour frequencies, the Fabric of Reality and so much more. I gained so much out of this course. It has put my in such a good place to be able to offer this valuable healing modality. Ixchelle not only supported the members of the course whole heartedly but also was so generous with her content and time. The other members of the course were also supportive, encouraging and love and I feel this reflects Ixchelle dedication and commitment to her students and her coursework. . I would thoroughly recommend this, even if you feel you are more than a beginner as you will get so much out of this course.

Hello, loves. 

are you...

  • Ready for an energy modality that aligns with your ascension journey?
  • Ready to take your understanding of energy work and healing to the next level?
  • Feeling like most energy modalities are too one-dimensional or not expansive enough?
  • Ready to connect with Powerful Energy Healing that blows away earthbound modalities?
  • In need of an energy modality that works beyond space and time and links multidimensionality?
  • Have a sincere desire to assist others on their soul's journey?
  • Ready to use your innate Source-Consciousness to create incredible change in the world?
  • Ready to connect with the ether of reality, Source, and your higher self? 

What makes Quantum Source-Light Energy Healing Different

Created from DIRECT REVELATION from my (our/humanity's) team of high dimensional light beings and Source Consciousness.

Teaches how to work WITH the higher beings of light who can facilitate INCREDIBLE HEALING  and change.

Is the most EXPANSIVE energy modality currently available, as it works far beyond the present physical realm and actually takes place beyond space and time alongside the Ether and from YOUR Source Consciousness. No more 3D limits!

Teaches you how to work with the FABRIC OF REALITY itself to wield incredible healing potential and change.

Walks you through how to work with Source Consciousness to REALIGN the fabric of reality in your own reality and master YOUR CREATORSHIP.

Allows you to serve loved ones and CLIENTS through your own unique connection to Source and the Ether.

NO DOGMA. Once you understand the foundational principles you are asked to add your own incredible soul magic to your work and make it uniquely your own.

WORK SAFELY. You will be taught powerful protection and clearing techniques and how to work energy safely in a dualistic free will reality.

Distinguish yourself and your work via a powerful modality that isn't just about energy healing, it's about the KEYS TO THE MULTIVERSE.

Hugely practical

Allison | Quantum Source Light Energy Healer Student

"Ixchelle has created such a safe space in her community. It is a soothing and nurturing balm in a world gone mad, a healing chamber of light and unconditional love, with so many like minded souls together. Ixchelle shares her insights so generously and joyously, gifting us lessons on how to unlearn all that we have been taught about ourselves, her course is rich in content about how to embody sovereignty and about how to become our own master. It is the ultimate course to support unhooking from the programs that do not serve us and instead learn how to to plug into the ultimate Source of love and light. Hugely practical as well as philosophical, Ixchelle's course invites students to fully step into their own power and find their own way through the maze of life, while providing guidance and support along the way. " 

Get certified,

practice confidently!


  • 12 weeks of live guided support via Zoom & a private online community! 
  • Including 8 Weeks of LIVE Zoom-based guidance, Q&A sessions, and activations. 
  • Plus 4 additional weeks of training support.
  • 8 Extensive, on-demand and pre-recorded online modules.
  • Private Group for students, a private online community (our own private Mighty Network) where you can connect, ask questions, and share support! App included!
  • Lifetime access to the course, including updates!
  • Includes TWO 60-90 minute mentoring sessions*, so you can ask questions and get personal feedback.
  • Includes the Quantum Source-Light Practitioner Certification*
  • Listing in my Quantum Source-Light Practitioner Directory*
  • BONUS! Abundance Manifested Masterclass! A powerful creatorship journey to call in your abundance using the wisdom of the guides and the frequencies of light!
  • BONUS! Light-Filled Business Bundle* with 4+ hours step-by-step training to help you get your website, email, and booking services setup!
  • Appropriate for both beginners to energy work and advanced souls moving beyond established modalities.

*For Certification Level Students

A huge hearted teacher

Cynthia O. | Quantum Source Light Energy Healer Student

Ixchelle is a gifted human being at so many levels. I was first drawn to her due to her groundness, her wording accuracy, and the simplicity in which she transmits and explains complex concepts and sometimes unexplainable ones. I was also drawn to her at first due to her approach to both science, energy and mysticism, so I started reading her blog, having a frequent look at her library content, and ended up doing the Cosmic Awakening 101 and the Energy Protection and Clearing courses. From there, I felt called to learn more from her so I embarked in the QSL practitioners course. I was blown away by Ixchelle´s teachings, not knowing what to expect and finding out a loving new way to help others to heal as I connected and healed myself.

Her ways, her emphasis on having your own discernment and agency, to take what resonates and leave the rest behind, her structured, safe approach to work with other realms and her unconditional love make me feel so grateful, seen, and honoured to have her as my teacher, as my support and as a friend. A huge hearted teacher, human, and being. Some of the words coming to my mind when thinking about her are integrity, grounded, firm, vulnerable and yet very strong, healer, wisdom, honest, empowerment, sovereignty, gifted, loved, LOVE and pure. Thank you Ixchelle!


Ixchelle is a beautiful soul and has a lovely warm presence. I could feel the energy of her words shifting and transforming my energy. She brought clarity to something I had been struggling with for awhile. How to clearly ask the universe for what I want, the key is to feel like it's already done! I would totally recommend Ixchelle. Thank you so much for our session.

Laura B. 


This is amazing! You have such a beautiful gift. Thank you so much for holding space, healing and bringing forth such wonderful messages. I have to read this many times, as I am sure I will receive something different every time. It’s so good to know we are not alone during this intense time on earth.

Krystn L.

A peek at the program

Module 1: The Energy

Week 1 - Live Zoom

  • A deep dive into the program and all the foundational elements including...
  • Your Cosmic Self
  • Your Source-Self
  • The Ascension/Evolution Journey
  • The Quantum Reality Reality

Module 2: The Connection

Week 2 - Live Zoom

  • Understand how this work is intimately connected to ascension
  • Remembering Your Source Self
  • Connecting with Your Powerful Energy

Module 3: The Method

Week 3 - Live Zoom

  • Learn how to connect with all necessary aspects to perform this powerful work including... 
  • The Ether
  • The Light Frequencies
  • The Guides

Module 4: The Light Frequencies

Week 4 & 5 + Live Zoom

  • Learn about the 18 powerful light frequencies available
  • Discover how to connect with each for yourself and others
  • Understand how each frequency can assist in our healing, support, and evolution.

Module 5: The Work

Week 6 + Live Zoom

  • Learn how to perform an energy session step-by-step
  • How to work if you are not yet clairvoyant/clairaudient
  • Learn how to work beyond space & time
  • Orchestrating the energy for maximum effectiveness
  • Closing safely

Module 6: Advanced Topics

Week 7 + Live Zoom

(brief but important overviews of the following)

  • Physical Prep for best results
  • Lifestyle habits for the best connections
  • Encountering Resistance
  • Tools, Crystals, Herbs & Oils
  • Sound (tuning forks, singing bowls, toning)
  • Evolving your clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance
  • Performing physical healing
  • Preventing exhaustion & energy drainage

Module 7: Serving the Community

Week 8 

  • Servicing Clients
  • Working with Integrity
  • Code of Ethics
  • Witnessing and allowing
  • Growth and ascension through service

Energy Session Practice, Q&A, & Closing

Week 9-12 have no recorded lessons to review, instead my time is dedicated to helping answer your remaining questions, practicing energy work, and guiding you through your first few sessions. This is all done inside our Online Course Community! You'll receive tips, support, and resources as you each journey live through energy work.

For those on the Certification Pathway your one-on-ones will begin in May. Certifications will be handed out in [TBA].(See FAQ below for certification details)

We will have one last Zoom in (TBA) to reconnect, ask any remaining questions, and close our sacred time together.

BONUS 1! Group activation Ceremony!

If you've worked with me before you know how powerful the energy work is that the guides bring through. I will be performing a group activation session designed to overlight each one of you with the beautiful frequencies of brilliant Source-Light that we will be learning to wield in this game-changing course! This is how we will begin our journey! This will be offered via a pre-recorded guided journey, and done a a set time time for all to participate in their own private sacred spaces!

BONUS 2! abundance manifested masterclass

  • A powerful two part class that connect you to your divine abundance and creatorship
  • Identify and remove the worthiness and abundance blocks keeping you from joyful prosperity.
  • Learn why most manifestation programs are doomed to fail and why everything your need for an abundant reality is within.
  • Learn about the abundance grids available to us all.

BONUS 3! The Light-Filled Business*

  • 4+ hours of detailed training on a basic setup of your online business including...
  • A bonus training on choosing a website platform! Along with a guide of the pages and details you'll need to include.
  • A step-by-step guide to setting up your client booking system on Calendly (really budget friendly program).
  • A step-by-step training on how to setup your email account with MailerLite (free up to 1000).

*For Certification level students

highly recommend any and all of Ixchelle’s programs

Martha E. | Quantum Source Light Energy Healer Student

Meeting and working with Ixchelle has been one of the most profound life experiences for my personal and spiritual growth. After having attended a zoom workshop early last summer, I realized the gifted mentor, teacher and true leader Ixchelle is!

From there, I signed up for the Quantum Energy Healing Course, and I was even more grateful for the opportunity to experience not only Ixchelle’s humble guidance, but the teachings and divine messages of the guides. I met wonderful and inspiring women within the community, and it was refreshing to feel seen, heard and understood not only by Ixchelle, but also, by the group of women in the course and in the mentorship group.

I highly recommend any and all of Ixchelle’s programs. They will lovingly guide you with your soul’s spiritual evolution, help you to rise up and share your divine healing gifts, and connect you with a community of like hearted souls- all coming together to serve, share and shine divine love and divine light for humanity. Thank you for everything Ixchelle! I am forever grateful we crossed paths.


All we can be in this life is authentic and walk in our truth, and Ixchelle does just that. And she does it in a gentle but firm, loving, nurturing way. To know her is to love her because she comes from such a place of love it lifts you up and aligns something within your heart.

She holds space for the soul's growth through her words, like medicine for the heart she seeks the truth out, she' researches and doesn't stop asking questions, and at the same time helps you find your voice to ask your questions.

She is a shining light and we are all lucky to know her,

She is many things to me, a friend, a teacher, and a gifted healer. She helps you align with your soul's truth, by offering you the resources and information to do so.

Thank you infinitely for all you do Ixchelle.

Katie-Jane Wright | andcrystals.com 


Upon my first connection with Ixchelle, I could feel immediately that she is a gifted soul. She has a wonderfully balanced and grounded energy that is founded in her ability to share knowledge, hold space, and explore with someone the depths of her experience in a loving, gentle but powerful manner.

A humble teacher, Ixchelle is compassionate and understanding of all walks of life and this is what makes her warm, open, and relatable. As a channel, she is incredibly talented and it is clear that her service in this world is to share what she learns so strongly from her spiritual experiences as well as her human experience - a very down to earth person, but a powerhouse of a soul.

I have been lucky enough to work with Ixchelle for over a year now and we have always been 'in tune', which I feel is a testament to how strongly she connects to people no matter where they are at on their journey.

Stephanie Victoire | spiritandbone.co.uk



This method came forward naturally via my/our Guides of Light. The modality has been used on many clients with great success. The Guides indicate that this is one of the many tools available to the New Human of New Earth. Those who are embodying love, light, and sovereignty. I am beyond excited to share this with you!

Q. When does the course start?

The course will begin again March 3rd, 2022 and the first live class begins Tuesday March 8th.

Q. What are the live dates?

Please note NEW 2022 date & times below.

Zoom dates for our live classes are as follows:

  1. Tuesday 3/8
  2. Tuesday 3/25
  3. Tuesday 3/22
  4. Tuesday 4/5 (we take a week off to have extra time to integrate this module)
  5. Tuesday 4/12
  6. Tuesday 4/26 (we take a week off to have extra time to catch up on any lessons)
  7. + one last Zoom TBA

*I may at my discretion change the times if something urgent comes up but otherwise this is our schedule.

There will be replays for each Live. I will be available weekly in the group chat as well!

Q.  Do I have to attend the live sessions?

No, while the live sessions are highly recommended you are not required to attend live. All lives will be recorded and available for viewing within 48 hours.

Q. How long do I have access?

Each session includes 12 weeks of support, but the course materials are available for the life of the program (Including updates!)

Q.  Is this in person or online? 

The course is 100% online

Q.  How long is the program

The course is designed to take 12 weeks at a dedicated, but not overwhelming, pace. However you'll have lifetime access to the materials (for the life of the course).

Q.  Can I go at my own pace?

Of course, the program does not have an expiration date so you may learn at your own pace, however the live component is highly recommended.

However if you are interested in certification please know there are timelines for your one-on-ones and to submit for your certification (please see the FAQ about certification).

Q.  Is this appropriate for beginners?

Yes, this is designed with beginners in mind. However I do suggest that you already have some sense of spiritual knowledge. My Blog, Instagram Account and two free classes are an excellent place to start. 

Q.  Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

While the course is designed with beginners in mind, I do suggest you already have some working knowledge of higher spirituality. My Blog, Instagram account, and two free classes will give you an excellent foundation.

Q.  Will I be able to work on others after this course?

Yes, this is designed to teach you exactly how to perform this kind of energy work on others. For the certification level we have a bonus on creating your light-filled business.

Q. Can I use this with other modalities?

The methods that I teach are very expansive and can be used in conjunction with other modalities. You are also encouraged to add your own brilliant soul-magic to your unique practice.

Q. Where is the community hosted?

The community is hosted in our own private space on Mighty Network.

Q. What if I'm already a paid member of the Cosmic Kindreds Membership?

If you are already a paid monthly member your membership will be switched to free at the end of the current billing cycle and remain that way through the end of the year at which time you can switch to your previous rate.

If you are an annual member your membership will switch over at the end of your current term's expiration and you will receive no less that 10 months of free membership access (even if it goes beyond 2022).

Q. Are you personally present in the online community?

Yes! I am personally available to answer your questions and offer love and support to each one of you!

Q. Can you explain what's included in the Extended Mentorship Package?

I'm so excited to share this extensive offering with you! This bundle is designed for both the professional energy worker AND the soul who prefers the knowledge as personal enrichment.

I've designed this bundle to be valued at at least 3 times over the price making it an excellent value for the student looking for more customized experience.

In addition to everything included in the certification level I also offer...

1. Six monthly 60-90 minute sessions with weekly email support. That's 6 private mentorship sessions (phone calls) where I am dedicated to supporting you through your ascension and healer's journey! Once you signup I'll be emailing you to setup our first one-on-one!

2. A personal beaded crystal talisman necklace.  Each Mentorship Level student will have a unique necklace attuned to their personal frequency specifically created to assist in your energy work. The necklace will be lovingly activated and dedicated to their journey.

To see a sample of my work you may see the Services Page and scroll down to the Earth Package (my designs are showcased beneath). It's a beautiful keepsake of your journey into your sacred power! People who have received dedicated talismans share about the intense love and support that comes with their unique pieces! (Shipping is included!)

Your necklace will arrive by week 9 of our time together (I stagger these so as to stay in energetic integrity--e.g not rush the process)

3. A Powerful Personal Activation! This offering includes a beautiful personal activation to begin your incredible journey! Think of activations as reconnecting you to the benevolent power and gifts you've always had! I'm simply reminding your soul of all that you are.

We'll coordinate a day and I'll call in your personal guides of light and we will over light you with perfectly attuned energy frequencies to assist in healing, activating, and initiating you on this beautiful part of your journey!

4. Decoding Your Energy Gifts Blueprint Reading - I will clairvoyantly tap in to your team of light to discover your unique energy frequencies. The guides will share which light frequencies you are most adept at and which energetic layers you are most suited to. I will also deliver any messages they guides offer. You will receive this as either an Audio File or a PDF. 

This service is delivered by week 8 of our time together. I stagger these services so as to stay in energetic integrity. 

5. 3 Private Soulpreneur Sessions - These session are designed specifically to assist you is setting up your soul-led light-filled business. We can talk tech, website, services, mindset, manifestation, or anything within my energetic wheelhouse.

For the student who is not interested in professional work, we can add these to your monthly one-on-ones totaling 9 private one-on-one phone calls.

6. My Soulpreneur Website Template Kit! (see below for all the details)

Please note this package is for those serious about their ascension journey and who are dedicated to evolving their light! I'll be there for the next six months (and beyond) to love and support you!

Q. How does the Website Template Bundle Work?

At the end of your program (week 12) you will get access to my WordPress-based Website Templates Bundle. This is a plug and play bundle built within Elementor (single license required) the most popular WordPress based page builder.  The 6 pages are fully customizable and include:


1. Home Page

2. About Me Page

3. Testimonials Page

4. Services Page

5. Freebie Signup Page

6. Digital Offer Sales Page

You can use one of your Soulpreneur session to have me help you navigate the tech if you aren't comfortable with Elementor or WordPress.

Custom templates bundles with tech support usually sells for well over a $1000, so this bonus alone is a great resource to have on your soulpreneur journey.

This is included but of course if you are on another platform (like SquareSpace) or not interested in doing professional energy work you can set it aside and we can use our sessions to focus on other layers of your growth. This bundle has a LOT of value for both the professional energy worker AND the private energy worker.

Q. I'm not interested in seeing clients, is this still for me?

Absolutely, this is much more than energy worker training, this is the revealing of all that I have been given about the nature of reality, stepping into your divine creatorship, and more. All that includes the ability to work on behalf of others. However you should practice in whatever way feels most aligned to your soul.

For those NOT interesting in working with other's I recommend the Non-Certification Pathway.

Q. How do I get certified?

To receive certification you'll need to:

1. Have completed the course in full.

2. Have completed 6-12 energy sessions on friends, family, or fellow students and submitted THREE reports to me by the deadline 5/31 (see course for details)

3. Have met with me for the two one-on-one mentoring sessions by the deadline (see course for details),  prior to requesting certification.

4. I also encourage (but not require) participation in the lives so I can get to know you and you can have your questions answered.

5. Submitted your Bio and photo by the deadline (see course for details)

6. Adhere to the course Code of ethics.

Once certified you are eligible to be listed in my Directory of Practitioners on my website and at quantumsourcelight.com (launching soon)

Q. Is there a time limit to be certified?

I kindly ask that you complete all necessary certification requirements within the 14 weeks of the start of program. (that give you six weeks after the lessons are complete (week 7) to do the energy work and submit your three reports)

I'll be connecting with you personally to schedule those one-on-ones toward the end of the course.

This is so I can ensure that I am available to review your materials and meet with you for your mentoring session.

IMPORTANT: If something comes up, you may choose to certify at the next round when the course reopens.

Please keep in mind the materials will be available to you for the life of the course, it's ONLY the certification that is timely. This is also so I can add you to the website Directory of Practitioners with the rest of the group and make sure I have the time to meet one-on-one and process your work. 

Q. Is the certification accredited?

This is not an accredited course, however I believe the work and content speaks for itself. You will be offered the opportunity to be listed in my Practitioner directory on my website.

Q. What If I don't want to be certified?

You do not have to pursue certification to take the course. You may choose the Non-Practitioner Pathway instead or opt for the extra support of the certification pathway but opt-out of certification.

Q. What is your refund policy?

Because of the nature of the program, and the fact that students are given immediate access to everything at sign up, I do not offer refunds. This is also why this page showcases in detail what you will get once inside. You are encouraged to message me with any questions. That said, please let me know if you encounter a problem with the program. Soul support is a high priority of mine and it's important to me that everyone has a good experience. 

Q. I still have questions?

You can email any questions to me at ixchelle@StarseedDreaming.com, I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

I'm Ixchelle

Hello beautiful souls! I'm Ixchelle (eh-shell), a Los Angeles native and a lifelong multi-dimensional clairvoyant, seer, and energy worker. I am a mother, a teacher, an energy worker, and the creator/channeler of the Quantum Source Light Energy Healing Method of energy work.

I first began communicating with spirit as a small child, I've not known a time when spirit didn't speak to me. My ethereal guides have granted me access to the multi-dimensional nature of reality, space, and time. I humbly call my myself a Quantum Medium because so much of my contact and information revolves around the nature of our reality.

Although I have now stepped into my power and role as a lightworker, teacher, and healer, the truth is I never set out to be a mystic, in fact, for many years I pretended that my "gifts" didn't exist. I tried my best to live a "normal" life and told no one about my abilities. However, the universe had other plans for me. Lifelong clairvoyant visions led me along a string of revelations, from one reveal to the next, until I finally understood my purpose as a healer, lightworker, and wayshower.

I think of myself as a grounded, skeptical, and practical mystic. Though I am deeply humbled by this work I don't take myself too seriously. I'm also not interested in ego-centric "fluffy bunny" spirituality. Much of my work revolves around exposing truth, especially around "false light" within the spiritual community. My work is about raising the collective vibration with an open and honest heart and sometimes that means shaking things up a bit.

But truly, my purpose is to help YOU! To help you wake up to your divinity, your truth, and break the chains of programming that bind you. For you are absolutely amazing! You are meant to remember! Remember who you truly are. Remember your divinity. Remember your purpose and power. All you need is an open mind and an open heart. I'm honored to be part of your path toward sovereignty and awakening.

With love,


Ixchelle is a powerful seer, who operates with impeccable integrity and gentle compassion. Her voice itself carries energetic healing as she shares wisdom from Source. She is a divine channel honoring the vastness of you-and she is able to hold space for your shadow-loving both.

Christine Pensa 
@ArtThatMoves | ArtThatMoves.ca   

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