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way showers, magic makers & energy workers

As we journey toward the best versions of ourselves it is often helpful to receive guidance from metaphysical healers, intutives, psychics, wayshowers, and magic makers.

These beautiful light-filled energy workers offer everything from past life healings, spirit guide communication, land clearing, womb clearing, dark entity removal, and so much more.

They are each magnificent and are changing the world one session at a time.

MEET  Katie-Jane Wright and| Clairvoyant, cosmic lightworker, priestess...

Katie-Jane is an alchemist of light and sonics, working closely with crystalline energy and sound, speaking, toning, writing and singing light language to bring light body activations.

She is a blueprint changer, come to earth at this time to unite hearts and to help bring us back to our original Christos/Sophia 12 point DNA template.

Katie-Jane offers you the keys to remembering your divine origins, she helps you reclaim the light seeds you left before, the soul fragments. She is a wayshower come to help facilitate a planetary shift and bring in the higher frequencies and teachings from the stars.

Katie-Jane communicates with ascended masters, star beings, angels, and ancestral guides to determine which path is best for your sacred evolution. 

She is also the author of Crystals: How to tap into your infinite potential through the healing power of crystals as well as the Spirit Animal Wisdom Card Deck.

She is a crystal communicator, a channeler of light language, and one of the sweetest souls I've ever met. A session with Katie-Jane is nothing short of life changing.

MEET April  

Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Healer, Sound Alchemist, & Intuitive Channel

April Pfender is a Reiki Master teacher (RMT), intuitive channel, quantum healer, sound alchemist and meditation guide practicing in Santa Monica, California for over a decade. She is the founder of Santa Monica Healing, focusing on reiki and quantum healing practices. April is passionate about guiding others to embrace their own multidimensionality through ascension work and activational retreat offerings, which she hosts throughout the year.

She is a world-renowned author, and her books Chakra Balance, Essential Chakra Meditation and The Complete Guide to the 12 Chakras can be found on Amazon. In addition to writing, she loves to design healing programs, workshops and retreats with a focus on awakening, transformation and women’s empowerment. Travelling is always essential, and her passion has been visiting Mount Shasta, Joshua Tree, and Sedona as often as possible.

April is an advocate of being true to your Highest Self, following your day dreams, and authentic artistic expression. She believes that reiki and meditation connect us more profoundly to ourselves, to the earth, and to one another. This lends to strengthening our vibrant conscious community, equipping us to bring more peace into the world as we rise in ascension together.

MEET Elisabeth

Reiki Healer, Angel Guide, Ordained Minister, Soul Map Astrologer

Elisabeth is here to assist in the creation of our New Earth. She is passionate about journeying deep into the story of the soul using the astrology birth chart as her guide. Her Soul Map Readings can shed light on a soul’s mission in this lifetime, where its strengths and gifts lie, where painful karmic patterns are repeating, where past life wounds may be in play, and where surrender and transformation may be helpful. Her goal is to foster an experience of Heaven on

Elisabeth is also a compassionate listener to all who are challenged by the awakening process. Her own journey of awakening began in 2012, and throughout the years she found much comfort in conversations with those a bit further along on the path. She now feels called to
assist those just beginning on their journey or those feeling lonely and confused by awakening with what she calls a Friend to Friend Chat. 

Elisabeth is certified in Reiki 3, as an Angel Guide, and is an ordained minister with a Masters in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. She is also an apprentice of the intuitive astrologer Sister Shanti. Based in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York, Elisabeth is a plant based
lover of nature, an amateur photographer, and a prolific writer about all things New Earth. You can find Elisabeth on Instagram @changeforthenewearth.

MEET Shunanda Scott  

Shunanda Scott is an Angel Medium, Ascension Guide, and mother of three.

It’s Shunanda’s personal mission to bring the New Angel Messages to the world, and to be a sacred ascension guide to Lightworkers & Starseeds as they remember and embody their mission.

Shunanda began working with the Angels in 2010 after the birth of her second child triggered an overnight spiritual awakening. She studied extensively, completing her spiritual teacher training in 2014.

Shunanda mentors Light Workers and Starseeds all around the world in a one on one capacity, and has a powerful online Angel course (The Angel Immersion) for beginner to intermediate level Angel workers.

Shunanda also runs an online community, “The Angel Aura”, where she shares channeled messages from the Angels as a powerful support for Light Workers and Starseeds during the now accelerating ascension process and the birth of “New Earth”.

Shunanda believes that everyone can learn how to work with the Angels, and that there has never been a more important time to call on their loving guidance and support. As part of Shunanda’s mission, she is demystifying Angel work, and busting many myths and corruptions that have filtered through mainstream religious and spiritual Angel teachings.

MEET Rosanne Grace  

Multidimensional Coach, Intuitive Energy Worker, and QHHT Practitioner

Rosanne Grace is a multidimensional coach, metaphysical intuitive and a master of transmutation. There is nothing that she cannot find and help clear. From dark attachments, implants, cords, old programming or limiting beliefs she can guide you to becoming your own healer.

After facing her own mortality a decade ago, it was clear she had two choices…heal or die. At that moment she chose to take on her own healing mission and has dedicated her life to supporting others on their ascension journey.

Rosanne Grace has also been a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner for several years training in the Dolores Cannon method. She couples this modality with speaking to your higher self and inner child to gain even deeper access into your multidimensional healing.

During these unprecedented times, with ever more people awakening, she has now been guided to publicly share her knowledge and gifts. Being sought out over the years by thousands of private clients, it wasn’t until the rise of 2020 that it became ever more paramount to activate as many lightworkers as possible.

You can connect with Rosanne Grace at for bookings, YouTube channel and to tune in to her new podcast “The Enlightenment Project”. These links are also available here.

MEET Kat Fowler

Energy Healer, Reiki Healer, Intuitive Card Readings, Akashic Records Readings, & Healing for Pets

Kat Fowler is an international teacher, speaker and writer on spirituality, consciousness, healing and meditation based in New York City. She is also a certified Advanced Energy Healer, a Reiki Master Teacher and the host of The Soul Awakening Podcast.

Kat is a teacher’s teacher with more than 1,500 hours of training and over a decade of teaching and mentoring students of all kinds. Her life's work is dedicated to raising the frequency of the collective through sharing her healing work, spiritual practices and her accumulated knowledge of holistic healing to help you discover the truest wisdom of your highest self, within.

She has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal, Om Yoga magazine, NY Yoga + Life Magazine, Natural Awakenings Magazine and featured in interviews on ABC News and the New York Times.

For more information, visit and You can find Kat on social media @katfowler and the show @soulawakeningpodcast

MEET  Stephanie Victoire | Healer, shaman, channel of the divine...

Stephanie is a powerful master healer whose specialties include past life healing, spirit guide readings, and her signature Sacred Heart Healing. 

Her Sacred Heart Healing was channeled directly from Mother Mary and clears the karmic cycles we have ALL endured with the church in past incarnations. 

I have received many healings from Stephanie and I can attest to her power and clarity as a channel of the divine and an amazing healer.

Stephanie is a beautiful soul who blends powerful mysticism with down to earth loveliness. She sees clients from all over the world and a session with her is not to be missed.

MEET Raa'na

Raana Jarrahian, RMT, is a Master Teacher and Practitioner of Reiki in the Usui/Holy Fire and Karuna lineages. She has 8 years of experience practicing and teaching professionally, and dozens of students practicing in California. 

In addition to her practice, Raana provides attunements, certification for practitioners and teachers, space-cleansing, spirit attachment healing, ceremonial support, mindfulness meditation classes for children, and consultation for other Reiki practitioners.


Raana incorporates this ancient healing practice into her artwork, charging paintings with Reiki energy, symbols, and intention. Working in ceremony, including with plant medicine, over the past 15 years, Raana draws on the collective unconscious and spiritual imagery to produce paintings that are both an artistic expression and a way of creating sacred space. She also draws inspiration from traveling throughout California and the Southwest, from her children, from the Pacific Ocean and the Galactic Cosmos. Born and raised in India and Iran, she has lived in California since age 16 and is based in Long Beach.

MEET Katrina

Healer, Agent of Alchemy, & Mystic

Katrina is a self described artist, healer, agent of alchemy, magick weaver, mystic, and change-maker.  Katrina's ‘healing work’ is a unique fusion of channeled energy weaving, Reiki, sound/toning healing, and crystal and gemstone therapy.  

Katrina also apply rituals and practices drawn from her ‘energy alchemy toolkit’ which contains all of the healing modalities she has studied throughout her life, such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, and remedial massage therapy; as well as ancient-future alchemical practices developed from channeled guidance/Instruction and inner remembrances of past life healing technologies.  

She is also a creatress of sacred knotted talismans and visionary art.  Katrina is the founder of Self-Alchemy School.  She declares: I am All That I Am.

MEET Julie H. | Energy Worker & Channel of the Divine

Julie is a beautiful soul, psychic, and channel of the divine. 

Julie is a multidimensional psychic energy healer based in beautiful London. She assists clients with clearing energetic, karmic, ancestral and trauma-based blocks, uncovering and removing deep layers and timelines of entanglements.

Julie brings her unique Higher Heart Alchemy Healing where she works with angelic assistance, Venusian frequencies and the Rose lineages guides to facilitate powerful heart healing.

My first session with Julie left me completely transformed and I have no doubt she is here to change lives for the better.


MEET Sharon

@gemma.stone.spirit | Crystal Healer & Reiki Practitioner

Sharon is a certified crystal healing and reiki practitioner, astrologist, and crystal grid artist. Her passion is working with crystals and mother nature to create healing energy, and manifesting intentions through crystal grids. Her approach to healing is to create space for you to bring repressed emotions to the surface. Acknowledging the pain, and feelings at the root of the pain, accepting what has happened, and finding forgiveness for yourself and others. This process leads to spiritual growth and evolution of the soul, helping you to live a happy, healthy, and peaceful life.

Sharon is co-creator of Crystal Charts. Crystal Charts are an intuitive fusion of astrological and crystalline energies. Your natal astrology chart is a map of the planets and celestial bodies at the time and place of your birth. It contains a blueprint of your soul’s path for this lifetime, and past life themes. Interpretation of your natal chart provides insight on key areas of your life – challenges, lessons, opportunities, relationships, healing, and fulfillment. Working in alignment with the aspects of your chart allows you to approach lessons with foresight, leading to a happier and more meaningful life experience. The intention behind the Crystal Chart is to create energetic balance for your planetary placements, by supporting your unique lessons with the crystalline energies.

Sharon also offers personalized crystal grids, intuitively created, or by request for specific intentions to suit your needs. You receive a crystal and reiki energy exchange and digital image that captures the energy within the art. She also creates customized crystal grid packs, for you to create your own crystal magic.

MEET Saskia

@witchypoo75 | Crystal Healer & Animal Communicator 

Saskia is an animal communicator/reiki practitioner in New Zealand. Appointments can be locally if you live nearby or via distance.  In distance sessions she works through photographs. Photos can be of yourself or your pet and she use psychometry to connect.

In a session, Saskia can work with either humans or animals where she will balance chakras and provide soul healing. Largely, she is an animal communicator, so she can tell your pet things you really want to tell them, or she can let you know what is coming up for your pet. She can also contact your pet who has left this earth's plane.

Saskia also works in connecting you to your spirit animal. If you know this already, she can let you know which animal is working with you right now. We all have spirit animals surrounding us to provide guidance along our life's path. She also works with crystals and provides crystal healing which is what you will see through her photos. It may be a Reiki session you need, a crystal healing grid, a communication with your animal or you may want to know what the animal realm wants to tell you right now. All connections she can help you with.

Disclaimer: Please note, it is my heart felt goal to connect you the reader with healers and light workers who can assist you on your journey. That said, please know that it is up to you to use discernment and work only with those who resonate with you. While I have vetted everyone here, I am not the keeper of these souls and cannot endorse every opinion, statement, or be responsible for the experience you may have. If I only showcased those I was 100% in alignment with I would have no one on the page. In addition no one on this list (myself included) is a doctor, licensed counselor, member of the clergy, or licensed medical professional (unless otherwise noted).

Nothing said here or by any energy worker is a substitute for professional guidance or medical care. Always seek proper professional care.

~work with me~ 

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Any amount is welcomed with gratitude and love. 

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