Cosmic Clairvoyance

Safely awaken your psychic abilities

while meeting your powerful ethereal guides!

Hello dear soul! are you...

  • Ready to STRENGTHEN your connection to the spiritual world?
  • Ready to develop your MULTIDIMENSIONAL psychic abilities?
  • Ready to START CONNECTING to your divine guides, spirit animals, cosmic family, and more?
  • In need of a program that aligns with your ascension pathway?
  • Ready for the extra support a LIVE program can offer?
  • In need of a method that emphasizes SAFETY and SOVEREIGNTY?

A program like no other...

Module 1: Understanding Your Gifts

Week 1 

Deep dive into the gifts, how they are experienced, what to look for, + all about your powerful guides and more!

Module 2:

Awaken Your Gifts

Week 2 & 3

Here's what most programs miss! The blocks! It's time to look at the ways that your abilities can be throttled and how to clear them once and for all! This is why most programs fail.

Module 3:

Journey With Your Gifts

Week 4 & 5 

Get live support & feedback as you connect with your gifts and your spirit guides! I'll share the most powerful ways you can open your perception and start connecting in immediately!

Module 4:

Refining Your Gifts

Week 6 

Learn how to refine your abilities and expand upon everything we've covered. Already an energy worker? We'll touch on how to tap in when connecting in for your clients! You don't want to miss these advanced tips and resources!

Designed for Results!

4 in-depth Modules

From a deep dive into the gifts, to removing your blocks, we cover everything you need to awaken your psychic gifts!

8 Guided Journeys

Powerful guided journeys selected by the guides and encoded for awakening!

10 Divine 

These transformative affirmations are created to help you activate your powerful abilities!

Exciting Live Zooms*

You get 5 weekly live zoom calls with me to get your questions answered and the group support you need to succeed!

*Live Version Only

What makes Cosmic Clairvoyance Unique & Effective?

Connect with your Spirit Guides!

This isn't just about how to awaken your clairvoyant abilities, we take it to the next level by holding your hand as you connect in with your spirit guides!

Tackle the blocks!

We tackle the blocks! Most programs fail because they completely miss this part, but blocks are a HUGE reason why people struggle to awaken, they'll also make your ascension journey more difficult. That's why the guides insisted that we tackle your blocks and heal those wounds FIRST!

The #1 way to awaken your gifts!

Calling in your power! All of my programs are designed to reconnect you to your sovereignty! I'll walk you through the one thing that I've never seen discussed in any other psychic development program. Wielding your free will and CHOOSING awakening!

Questions answered!

Did you know there is such a things as physical clairvoyant sight? Did you know that most experiences are soft and intimate, not loud and obnoxious. Do you how to tell the difference between a benevolent connection and a malevolent connection! Get ESSENTIAL questions answered by someone with lifelong psychic abilities and invaluable experience supporting over 200 private clients!

Live Support!*

We have FIVE live Zooms classes above and beyond your 4 pre-recorded modules and all the extra guided journeys, exercises, and more! We'll be doing LIVE guided journey and energy work and carefully designed to support YOU! Bring your questions and get real-time support!

*Live version only

Safety First!

If you've been in the spiritual community enough you've heard the horror stories like malevolent attachments and lives turned upside down because teachers dismissed the need for safety! This breaks my heart. My program is all about the utmost safety!


Ixchelle is a beautiful soul and has a lovely warm presence. I could feel the energy of her words shifting and transforming my energy. She brought clarity to something I had been struggling with for awhile. How to clearly ask the universe for what I want, the key is to feel like it's already done! I would totally recommend Ixchelle. Thank you so much!

Laura B. 


I have loved working with Ixchelle. I have felt such peace after a session with her. The guidance and healing that she brings through is amazing. She has such a loving and peaceful energy that makes you feel at ease. Her guidance from her team and mine has been spot on and has helped me immensely. She empowers me to be more of who I really am and to access my guidance. I couldn’t recommend Ixchelle more highly and look forward to working with her in the future.

Carol H.


This is amazing! You have such a beautiful gift. Thank you so much for holding space, healing and bringing forth such wonderful messages. I have to read this many times, as I am sure I will receive something different every time. It’s so good to know we are not alone during this intense time on earth.

Krystn L.

Yes! we have some big bonuses!

BONUS 1! Live Group Clearing Session!*

Clearing our energy field is a foundational element to this program and you'll not only have access to a downloadable guided journey, you'll also get to participate in a LIVE clearing session with me!

Not to be missed!

*Live Version Only

BONUS 2!  Masterclass: Crystals for Psychic Abilities & How to Connect!

Crystals are powerful allies that can propel your awakening forward! As a special bonus you'll get this powerful masterclass all about to:

  • Use crystals to awaken your psychic abilities!
  • Lovingly program your crystals to assist you on your journey!
  • Connect with crystal consciousness!
  • Which crystals are most appropriate for the different blocks we discuss in Module 2! 
  • What I never do with my crystal!
  • How to program your crystal to bring you into energetic alignment for psychic connections!

BONUS 3!  Clairvoyance Intensive

Clairvoyance is probably the most sought after gift, the best part is anyone can awaken this innate ability. In this multipart Masterclass I will focus exclusively on the gift of clairvoyance and helping you awakening your psychic sight! We'll cover:

  • A deep dive into clairvoyance and why this gift is one of the most fun of all the abilities!
  • The special practices (that no one else discusses) that can help you awaken your sight!
  • How to pair psychic sight with the other gifts for a fuller experience!
  • How to discern your mind's creation from your true psychic sight! 
  • How to use sight to strengthen your connection with your guides!!
  • And more!


My session with Ixchelle left me beaming and solidified why I was called to work with her, for she radiates such a beautiful and pure energy that just resonates to the deepest layers of your heart. She is so gifted in her abilities, yet is still very much grounded and down to earth. She meets you where you are at, and is able to relay information and answer questions in the most kind, straightforward and loving way all while allowing you the space and discernment to gain insight from the messages on your own as well. I felt so utterly safe and supported throughout our session and only the purest intentions coming from her!

Ixchelle also has a way of weaving words so effortlessly creating such a descriptive and beautiful story of what she witnesses. There was so much came through our session, and all so poignant for what I was needing to hear at the time.. messages from star beings and so many animals, fairytale scenes and healing rainbow frequencies.. such a magical journey that I’m continuing to integrate. What I found most unique and special about her work in particular is her ability to translate not only the many frequencies that come through but your own personal frequency as well, which I found as a most important reminder to myself, for we can often become disconnected from the brilliance of what we truly are!

It is always so evident those specific people who live fully in their authenticity, embrace the service they are called to in this lifetime and fully give from an open heart to assist others on their journeys, and Ixchelle is most definitely one of them!

Amy S. 

hello and welcome

Hello beautiful souls! I'm Ixchelle, a lifelong multi-dimensional clairvoyant, seer, and energy worker. I am a mother, a teacher, and the creator/channeler of the Quantum Source Light Energy Healing Method.

I first began communicating with spirit as a small child, I've not known a time when spirit didn't speak to me. My ethereal guides have granted me access to the multi-dimensional nature of reality, space, and time.

I resonate with the term "light warrior", not as some delusion of grandeur, but as one that is in service to the light of the highest order. I (and many others) recognize the significance of this time we are living through right now, our human history is being written NOW, and we are reshaping the trajectory of humanity today.

Although I have now stepped into my power and role as a lightworker. teacher, and healer, the truth is I never set out to be a mystic, in fact, for many years I pretended that my "gifts" didn't exist. I tried my best to live a "normal" life and told no one about my abilities. However, the universe had other plans for me. Lifelong clairvoyant visions led me along a string of revelations, from one reveal to the next, until I finally understood my purpose as a healer, lightworker, and wayshower.

I think of myself as a grounded, skeptical, and practical mystic. I'm not interested in ego-centric "fluffy bunny" spirituality. Much of my work revolves around exposing truth, especially around "false light" within the spiritual community. My work is about raising the collective vibration with an open and honest heart and sometimes that means shaking things up a bit.

But truly, my purpose is to help YOU dear one! To help you wake up to your divinity, your truth, and break the chains of programming that bind you. For you are absolutely amazing! You dear love, are meant to remember! Remember who you truly are. Remember your divinity. Remember your purpose and power. All you need is an open mind and an open heart. I'm honored to be part of your path toward sovereignty and awakening.

With love,


"Ixchelle is a powerful seer, who operates with impeccable integrity and gentle compassion. Her voice itself carries energetic healing as she shares wisdom from Source. She is a divine channel honoring the vastness of you-and she is able to hold space for your shadow-loving both."

Christine Pensa 


Q. When does the course start?

The course will begin May 2023.

Q. What are the live dates?

Zoom dates for our live classes are as follows:

  1. TBD

*I may at my discretion change the times if something urgent comes up or we experience technical issues, but otherwise this is our schedule.

There will be replays for each Live available within 24 hours unless there are technical issues.

Q.  Do I have to attend the live sessions?

No, while the live sessions are highly recommended you are not required to attend live. All lives will be recorded and available for viewing within 48 hours.

Q. How long do I have access?

The course materials are available for the life of the program (Including updates!)

Q.  Is this in person or online? 

The course is 100% online.

Q.  How long is the program

The course is designed to take 4 weeks however you'll have lifetime access to the materials (for the life of the course) and the work itself may take much longer. Each person's journey will be unique.

Q.  Can I go at my own pace?

Of course! The program does not have an expiration date so you may learn at your own pace, however the live component is highly recommended.

Q.  Is this appropriate for beginners?

Yes, this is designed with beginners in mind. However I do suggest that you already have some sense of spiritual knowledge. My Blog, Instagram Account and free classes are an excellent place to start. 

Q. I already have some psychic gifts available, is this for me?

Yes, this course is designed for both beginners and those with some abilities showing up.

Q.  Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

While the course is designed with beginners in mind, I do suggest you already have some working knowledge of higher spirituality. My Blog, Instagram account, and free classes will give you an excellent foundation.

Q.  Will I be able to work with others after this course?

This course will not specifically focus on serving clients, that's more advanced and requires it's own program. However, if you are already seeing clients you'll find you are able to serve them much better when you can access your psychic gifts.

Q. Can you explain what's included in the one-on-one  Package?

I'm so excited to share this extensive offering with you! This bundle is designed take this program to the next level!

I've offered extended mentorship in all my online courses and the students who take this level will no doubt get so much more out the program with the care and dedication that only a one-on-one program can offer!

Program details:

1. Five 60-90 minute sessions with weekly email support. That's 5 private mentorship sessions (phone calls) where I am dedicated to supporting you through your awakening journey! Once you signup I'll be emailing you to setup our first one-on-one!

2. The sessions will be scheduled weekly as follows

Session 1 - TBD

Session 2 - TBD

Session 3 - TBD

Session 4 - TBD

Session 5 - TBD

3. Available time slots will be Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9AM and 4PM PST. 

4. Time availability will be emailed to the small extended mentorship group weekly and you'll be responsible for scheduling your preferred time.

5. Personal sessions mean that we can customize your support and tune in and connect with any advice your guides may have for you at this time.

Q. What is your refund policy?

Because of the nature of the program, and the fact that students are given immediate access to everything at sign up, I do not offer refunds. This is also why this page showcases in detail what you will get once inside. You are encouraged to message me with any questions. That said, please let me know if you encounter a problem with the program. Soul support is a high priority of mine and it's important to me that everyone has a good experience. 

Q. I still have questions?

You can email any questions to me at, I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

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